What To Wear For Pickleball: The Ultimate Guide To Staying Comfortable On the Court


What To Wear When Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is a game that is quickly gaining popularity due to its fun, easy-to-learn rules and fast pace. It’s also highly versatile, allowing you to play indoors or outdoors and on any court surface. So what should you wear when playing pickleball?

The best thing about pickleball is that it’s a relatively low-impact sport, so there’s no need for fancy sports gear. Comfortable clothing like shorts or leggings and t-shirts are perfectly suitable for the game. Soft shoes such as trainers or running shoes will give you plenty of grip on the court without compromising your speed or agility.

Breathable Fabrics For Maximum Comfort

When picking out an outfit for pickleball, breathability is key! Breathable fabrics like cotton allow air circulation while keeping sweat away from your skin, helping keep you cool and comfortable during long games in hot weather conditions. If you’re playing outdoors in cold temperatures then look for warm materials like fleece which will insulate against the chill without weighing you down too much as movement can get quite vigorous during particularly intense matches!

Protective Gear And Accessories

Although protective gear isn’t absolutely necessary when playing pickleball, if you’re looking to take things up a notch then investing in some specialized equipment could be beneficial – especially if competing at higher levels! Paddles come in various shapes and sizes with different grips depending on preference; eye protection such as safety glasses can also help guard against stray balls; knee pads provide cushioning when diving after shots; wristbands help absorb sweat while keeping hands dry – all these items (and more!) are available online at affordable prices so why not check them out?


Whether it’s an informal friendly game with friends or a competitive tournament match – attire doesn’t have to be expensive nor overly complex when it comes to playingpickle ball! Comfortable clothing teamed with appropriate footwear should suffice but don’t forget protective gear if desired – ultimately though just make sure whatever ensemble chosen provides enough freedom of movement so that everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible!