What College Football Players Are Opting Out Of Bowl Games And Why?

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Opting Out of Bowl Games: What College Football Players Need to Know

The college football bowl season is upon us, and while many players are seeking to take advantage of the opportunity to compete in this prestigious event, some have chosen a different route. This year, a handful of college football players have made the decision to opt out of bowl games due to health concerns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

For these players, choosing not to compete can be an intimidating choice that comes with a variety of potential consequences. It’s important for all student-athletes considering their options during this time to understand what they need to know before making this significant decision.

Risks and Potential Consequences

When deciding whether or not it is wise for them to participate in a bowl game, there are several risks and potential consequences that should be taken into serious consideration. The most obvious risk is that participating in any sporting activity carries with it certain health risks associated with COVID-19 transmission – something no player should take lightly. Additionally, opting out could mean missing valuable playing time as well as opportunities for additional growth and development on the field – impacts which may affect future draft stock or even chances at signing pro contracts down the line. Furthermore, there are also financial implications such as loss of scholarship money or other benefits that come along with being part of an NCAA team’s roster for one final season prior going pro or graduating from college entirely.

Making An Informed Decision

For those facing this difficult decision between competing in a bowl game versus taking care of one’s physical safety during these uncertain times, understanding one’s rights under NCAA regulations can help make sure any choice made is done so after weighing all available information and considerations carefully. Doing research around player rights when it comes dealing with opting out circumstances will ensure everyone has access necessary resources needed when evaluating pros and cons surrounding individual choices related specifically their own unique situation – regardless if said decisions ultimately involve playing or sitting out completely

In conclusion, while each athlete must make their own personal determination regarding participation in college football bowls games amidst ongoing public health concerns due its possible ramifications both professionally & financially; doing adequate research beforehand helps increase chances positive outcomes no matter ultimate direction taken by athletes themselves who must ultimately live whatever subsequent results thereof occur afterwards as result same conditions existing today thus far..