What Are The Skill Levels In Pickleball & How To Achieve Them?

Pickleball Skill Levels 101: Get to Know the Ranks

If you’re new to pickleball, it can be overwhelming trying to decipher what level of play your opponents are at. Without a full understanding of the different skill levels in pickleball, it could lead to an unequal playing field and unbalanced matches. That’s why it’s important for all of us – from beginners to experienced players – to have a basic knowledge of the various ranks in order for everyone involved to enjoy a fair game.

Beginner Level

The beginner level is mainly used as an introduction into pickleball and typically consists of players who are just starting out with the sport or those who may not have played competitively before. In these types of games, participants should expect some mistakes but also understand that they will start learning some fundamentals such as proper footwork and racket placement. It’s also common for beginners’ games to include more rallies than higher-level ones due to inexperienced players taking their time returning shots or getting acclimated with scoring rules and match etiquette.

Intermediate Level

At this stage, players usually demonstrate improved shot accuracy while using their forehand or backhand strokes depending on where they stand on court relative to their opponent’s position. Shots begin having more spin attached which adds further challenge when trying return them accurately (typically requiring another stroke). Matches become faster paced as participants learn how best capitalize off each other’s weaknesses during rallies which leads longer volleys between both sides – thus making intermediate level games generally very entertaining for spectators!

Advanced Level

As we move into the advanced territory of pickleball, we discover that most of the competitors have exceptional skills in playing techniques and possess great mental toughness during challenging matches. Achieving this level of expertise requires continuous practice over the years, honing one’s abilities in physical conditioning and strategic decision-making while competing consistently against similarly skilled opponents in various tournaments and events. At this stage, there is little room left for improvement unless one decides to invest countless hours training even harder to compete successfully against international-class athletes found within the professional divisions, should they ever get the chance to enter them someday in the future.


By knowing about the different skill levels in pickleball, you will be better prepared when facing opponents from any rank, whether they are lower-leveled newcomers starting out or highly competitive veterans aiming to reach the top spot on the podium after a challenging round robin tournament. Ultimately, though, regardless of what skill set comes to the table on the day, nothing beats enjoying great company alongside the sport itself. Most importantly, being able to engage in friendly competition amongst friends and family alike is an equally enjoyable experience, no matter the outcome!