What Are The Dimensions Of A Pickleball Court? Here Is What You Need To Know


Understanding the Dimensions of a Pickleball Court

Pickleball is becoming an increasingly popular sport, with more people playing on courts across America each day. Competitions are now held in many states and it’s even possible to buy pickleball equipment online. As the sport continues to grow, it’s important for players and spectators alike to understand exactly what goes into making a regulation court size. In this article we’ll cover all you need to know about the dimensions of a pickleball court.

The Basics Of A Regulation Pickleball Court

A regulation-sized pickleball court is designed for competitive play and should measure 20 feet wide by 44 feet long – or 60ft by 44ft for doubles games. The lines marking out each side of the court should be 1 inch thick and have measurements that run parallel with one another throughout its length. Additionally, two center lines should divide each half of the court in two equal sections – measuring 20×22 ft per section – as well as create a 7 foot no-volley zone at either end known as ‘the kitchen’ area where players cannot hit volleys from within this space on their opponent’s service side (when serving). Finally, there must also be boundary lines extending 4–6 feet beyond both sides of the net which serve as additional boundaries during game play.

Net Height & Other Requirements

For general recreational play, nets set between 30–36 inches high work best; however during tournaments or competitive matches they must meet specific requirements such as being 36 inches high at its center when measured from below or 34 inches when measured from above (as outlined in USA Pickleball Association rules). All posts supporting these nets must also have padded bases so that players do not injure themselves if they happen to come into contact with them while playing volleys close to them or running along them during fast paced rallies! Furthermore, all edges around these posts must be rounded off too so that those same safety considerations remain intact throughout every match played on professional surfaces too!


When it comes down to understanding what makes up a regulation sized pickleball court – widths, lengths, net height etc – there will always be certain specifications needed depending on whether you intend your surface for recreational purposes only or competition level matches too! Hopefully this article has provided some insight into exactly how much goes into creating an officially approved pickle ball pitch and given you all information required before getting stuck in yourself next time round!