? The 7 Rules Of Pickleball: Everything You Need To Know

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The Top 7 Rules of Pickleball

Are you a fan of racquet sports but looking for something different? Look no further than pickleball – the latest craze to hit courts everywhere. But before you jump in, it’s important to know the rules so that everyone has an enjoyable game. Here are the top seven rules of pickleball that all players should follow!


To begin the game, one player serves from behind their baseline using an underhand stroke. The ball must travel diagonally across the court and land within the opposing service box. Players can only serve once during a rally and cannot double-hit or carry/lift when serving. If either side fails to adhere to these rules, they will lose their point and have to serve again.

Doubles Play

When playing doubles, each team member must take turns serving while also alternating sides after every two points scored (called “shuffling”). This ensures fair play among all four people on court at any given time! Additionally, when returning a shot in doubles match-ups both players must stay on separate sides of the net until it is returned with success – if not then this counts as a fault for either side depending who touched it last.

Let Serve

A let serve occurs when there is some sort of interruption or disturbance during a server’s delivery which affects its outcome; such as wind gusts or loud noises from spectators near by etc., In which case the point does not count and should be replayed without penalty for either side involved.

Returning Shots

When returning shots players must use either an overhand grip (for forehands) OR underhand grip (for backhands). It’s important they remain consistent throughout one rally too – switching between grips would result in them losing that particular point due to illegal play! Additionally all returns need stay within bounds at least once before any point can be won off them successfully otherwise this also results in lost points being awarded against whoever made contact with said return firstly out-of-bounds…

< h 2 > Scoring & Winning Points

After each volley has ended points are then determined by whichever team missed hitting returnable shots into court boundaries firstly i . e . if Player A misses his/her shot whilst Player B manages get theirs inside boundary lines then Player B wins that particular point/game respectively ! The winning team needs score 11 points total order declare victory although if scores become tied 10:10 then winner shall decided upon w ho reaches 15th consecutive successful return win instead .

< h 2 > Fouls & Penalties

If any player commits what deemed be foul play during rallies , other opponents may call “foul” alert umpire referee accordingly whereupon consequences could include loss points , warnings issued even disqualification matches depending severity offence committed …

In conclusion, learning these top 7 rules will help beginner players understand how pickleball works so that everyone can have fun together! With practice comes perfection though – so don’t forget those essential skills like proper serving technique & gripping forms if you want excel at this amazing new sport !