What Are Lacrosse Sticks Called? Everything You Need To Know About The Equipment

lacrosse players on sports field

Understanding the Basics of Lacrosse Equipment

Sports have come a long way since the days when all you needed was a ball and some open space. Now, many sports require specialized equipment, and lacrosse is no exception. One important piece of lacrosse gear is the stick, but what exactly are they called? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this post.

What Are Lacrosse Sticks Called?

The official term for a lacrosse stick is actually quite simple: it’s called a crosse or shaft. The traditional shape of these sticks resembles an ice hockey stick, although there are now more modern designs available as well. Crosse sticks can be made from either wooden or metal materials, with plastic handles being added on top to provide grip and control over the ball when playing.

Parts Of A Lacrosse Stick

When looking at a lacrosse stick, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all its parts; however, once broken down into components, it becomes quite clear how everything fits together neatly. The main part of your crosse will consist of two major parts: the head and shaft/cantle (or handle). At one end, you’ll find the head, which has multiple strings connected to form pockets for catching and throwing balls, while at the opposite end will be your handle which allows players to hold onto their cross comfortably during playtime – much like holding onto any other type of sporting equipment such as tennis racquets or golf clubs!


It can take some time getting used to using different pieces of sporting equipment correctly – especially if you’re new to them altogether! However, understanding basic facts such as what are lacrosse sticks called can help athletes make better-informed decisions about purchasing gear that suits their style best – whether they’re shopping online or in-store!