The Glory Days of the Winnipeg Jets

The Glory Days of the Winnipeg Jets

Are you a die-hard fan of the Winnipeg Jets? If so, you’ll love diving into this article that explores the glory days of this iconic NHL team. From thrilling victories to memorable players, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and relive the moments that made the Winnipeg Jets a powerhouse in the league. Join us as we celebrate the team’s rich history and unforgettable triumphs on the ice.

History of the Winnipeg Jets

Formation of the Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets were established in 1972 as part of the World Hockey Association (WHA). The team was originally named the Winnipeg Jets as a nod to the city’s strong aviation history and connection to the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Jets quickly gained a loyal fan base and became known for their high-flying style of play.

Early Years in the WHA

During their time in the WHA, the Winnipeg Jets were a dominant force, winning three Avco World Trophies as league champions. The team boasted talented players such as Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg, and Ulf Nilsson, who helped solidify the Jets as a powerhouse in the league.

Transition to the NHL

In 1979, the Winnipeg Jets, along with several other WHA teams, merged into the National Hockey League (NHL). The transition was a smooth one for the Jets, who continued to find success in the NHL. The team’s move to the NHL brought increased exposure and competition, but the Jets thrived, showcasing their skill and determination on the ice.

Success in the NHL

The Winnipeg Jets have a rich history of success in the NHL, particularly during their glory days in the 1980s and early 1990s. The team consistently performed well in the regular season, earning playoff berths and making deep runs in the postseason.

Stanley Cup Contenders

During their glory days, the Winnipeg Jets were considered serious Stanley Cup contenders. Led by a talented roster of players and a strong coaching staff, the team consistently competed at a high level and were often seen as a threat to win the championship.

Key Players

Some of the key players who contributed to the success of the Winnipeg Jets during their glory days include legends such as Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne, and Thomas Steen. These players were instrumental in driving the team’s success and were fan favorites for their skill and dedication on the ice.

Memorable Moments

There were many memorable moments during the glory days of the Winnipeg Jets, including thrilling playoff victories, record-breaking performances, and unforgettable come-from-behind wins. Fans fondly remember these moments as highlights of the team’s success and as key moments in franchise history.

Decline and Relocation

The Winnipeg Jets, once a powerhouse in the NHL, faced financial struggles in the mid-1990s. The team struggled to compete with larger market teams and maintain profitability. This led to the unfortunate decision to relocate the franchise.

Financial Struggles

The financial struggles of the Winnipeg Jets were evident as they were unable to secure a new arena deal and faced declining attendance numbers. This put a strain on the team’s finances and made it difficult to attract top talent to the roster.

Move to Phoenix

In 1996, the Winnipeg Jets made the difficult decision to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona. The team became the Phoenix Coyotes and hoped to find success in a new market. The move was met with mixed reactions from fans and the city of Winnipeg.

Impact on the City

The relocation of the Winnipeg Jets had a profound impact on the city and its residents. Many fans were devastated to see their beloved team leave and felt a sense of loss and abandonment. The city also lost a part of its identity and cultural heritage with the departure of the Jets. The impact of the relocation was felt for years to come as Winnipeg mourned the loss of their team.


In conclusion, the Winnipeg Jets have a storied history filled with ups and downs, but their glory days will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans. From their exciting playoff runs to their passionate fan base, the Jets have solidified themselves as a beloved team in the NHL. As they continue to build on their success and strive for greatness in the future, one thing is for certain – the glory days of the Winnipeg Jets are a legacy that will never be forgotten.