The Ultimate Guide to Track and Field: Is it Hard?

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Is Track and Field Hard?

It is a common question amongst those looking to get involved in the sport of track and field: just how hard is it really? After all, there are so many different events, from sprints to long-distance running, plus jumps, throws, hurdles – the list goes on. To truly understand the answer to this question we need to look at each aspect of track and field individually.

Physical Challenges

The physical challenge posed by track and field can be quite demanding. Depending on your skill level you may find yourself training for up to five hours per day in order to stay competitive with other athletes. This includes running drills, stretching exercises, weightlifting sessions or any other activities that help improve your performance in whatever event you are competing in. There is no denying that you will have days where it feels like a slog but if you push through those tough times then eventually you will reap the rewards!

Mental Challenges

On top of the physical requirements, one must also consider the mental side of things when it comes to competing in track & field. It takes a lot of focus and concentration during practice as well as races themselves; staying positive even when times seem challenging is essential for success. Additionally managing stress levels before big competitions or important meets can make all the difference between an average finish time or personal best result!


Track & Field can certainly be challenging both physically and mentally but with dedication and determination, anyone has potentially become great within this sport! No matter what event(s) someone chooses they should always strive for their personal best while having fun along way – after all that’s why we compete right?