Is Rugby In The Olympics? Here’s What You Need To Know…

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Is Rugby In the Olympics?

The Olympics are an incredible feat of athleticism and skill, showcasing the best athletes from around the world competing in a variety of sports. But is rugby part of this illustrious event? This article will explore whether or not rugby has been added as an Olympic sport, and what its future may be at the Games.

Rugby was first introduced to the Olympics in 1900 during the Summer Games in Paris, France. It has since appeared sporadically during both summer and winter games over a hundred years later; however, it has yet to become a regular occurrence for either season. The most recent appearance of rugby was during 2016’s Rio de Janeiro Summer Games, where seven teams participated in both men’s and women’s tournaments, with Fiji taking home gold on both sides, respectively.

What Does The Future Hold For Rugby At The Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announced that they are considering adding new sports to their 2020 Tokyo Summer Games list, including many familiar names such as baseball/softball, squash, karate, and others. While there have been no official statements about whether or not rugby would make it onto this list, unfortunately; however there have been some discussions surrounding how popular it could be should it be included into the lineup once again as we saw back at Rio 2016’s games.

As far as any speculation goes, though, nothing definitive can really be said until further announcements come out from IOC officials themselves, so unfortunately, we will have to wait until then before any concrete decisions are made regarding which sports get added to Tokyo’s next summer Olympics line up – if rugby makes it on then great! If not, then hopefully, more consideration will be given to bringing this awesome sport back into future international competitions like these going forward because it certainly earned its place amongst them too!


In conclusion, while there is still much uncertainty about whether or not rugby will return for another round at Tokyo 2020’s summer Olympics – one thing we do know is that regardless of what happens fans all around the world love seeing their favorite teams compete against each other when given a chance every four years always cheering them along the way! Hopefully, the IOC board will consider adding this highly competitive sport back into the lineup soon enough so everyone can enjoy watching iconic matches take place between countries’ best players live on the big stage once again…