? The Complete Guide To Pickleball Paddle Tennis: What You Need To Know

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What is Pickleball Paddle Tennis?

Pickleball paddle tennis is a fast-paced, growing sport that has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. The game combines elements of badminton, table tennis and traditional racquet sports to create an exciting new way to play. Although it’s relatively new on the scene, pickleball paddle tennis has quickly become a favorite amongst recreational players looking for an exciting alternative to more established games like squash or tennis.

The rules are easy enough for anyone to learn and the court size makes pickleball paddle tennis great for small spaces or large outdoor venues alike. Players use wooden paddles with a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, as well as different materials like graphite and aluminum depending on their personal preference. Balls are made from foam rather than felt like traditional racquet sports balls which makes them easier on the hands even after long rallies between opponents.

How to Play Pickleball Paddle Tennis

Players stand either side of a net on an indoor court measuring 20 by 44 feet (6 by 13 meters). The object of the game is similar to regular badminton: each player tries to hit their opponents’ shuttlecock back over the net onto their opponent’s court before they can return it again themselves. Unlike regular badminton though, players only have one serve per rally instead of two; this means that there’s often less time for your opponent to react compared with other racket sports such as squash or table tennis where each player gets two serves per point!

Each match consists of three sets; each set goes up until eleven points (with at least a two-point difference between both teams) although some tournaments also use fifteen points when playing best-of-five sets matches. Scoring works similarly too: if you score first then you get one point while your opponent will be awarded zero points; however if they score first then they receive two points while you still receive just one! Points can also be split between both players – so if neither team scores within five hits then it’s called a ‘deuce’ and whoever wins the next rally will win that particular set!


In conclusion, pickleball paddle tennis is an increasingly popular sport thanks largely due its ease in learning but high skill ceiling potential – making it ideal for competitive play yet accessible enough for recreational purposes too! With its mix of strategic elements combined with quick reflexes required, pickleball provides all types of players with endless entertainment possibilities no matter what level they’re at! If you haven’t tried it already – now could be the perfect time give this unique form racket sport ago – who knows – maybe you’ll love it too!