Is Pickleball Court The Same As Tennis Court? A Quick Guide To Understand The Difference

aerial photography of two person playing tennis

What Is Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is a popular sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. The game is played on a court similar to a doubles badminton or volleyball court and features the use of paddles instead of rackets. Players compete to hit the ball over a net using these paddles, aiming to land it within their opponent’s designated side in order to score points.

Though pickleball and tennis may seem like they share many similarities, there are actually some key differences between them when it comes to the courts they’re played on. While both sports require an enclosed court with boundaries for play, there are some distinct differences between pickleball courts and tennis courts which can be seen from the size difference alone – pickleball courts measure 20 x 44 feet while tennis courts measure 78 x 36 feet!

Differences Between Pickleball Courts & Tennis Courts

The main difference between pickleball and tennis lies in both the size of their respective playing surfaces as well as how each one uses its lines around its edges. In terms of size, while both rely on an enclosed area surrounded by line markings, a standard-size pickleball court measures 20ft wide by 44ft long compared to 78ft wide by 36ft long for regular-sized singles or doubles’ matches in traditional lawn/clay/hardcourt tennis competitions respectively.

When it comes to line markings used during play for either sport as well – although very similar in concept – we also see discrepancies across different types of games at times too; namely due to differences such as how far behind each player’s baseline should be marked out (pickleball: 7 ft.; traditional lawn/hardcourt baseball: 27 ft.). Other notable distinctions include those found inside ‘No Volley Zones’ that come into effect when serving (pickles balls: 7 ft.; traditional law/hardcourt baseball: no zone exists).


To summarise then, though there are similarities between pickleball and traditional lawn/clay/ hardcourt forms of competitive grassroots-level rounders too – including those related directly with respect outlines dimensions– ultimately, these two activities still remain distinctly different entities separated primarily through variations experienced within their respective lines marking specifications throughout various stages gameplay itself instead!