The Perfect First Date Idea: Is Mini Golf The Answer?

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When it comes to first dates, there are so many options to choose from – dinner and a movie, coffee or drinks at a bar. But have you ever considered mini golf? It may be an unconventional choice, but it could be the perfect way to break the ice with someone new and have some fun. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why mini golf is an ideal first date activity.

The Benefits of Mini Golf for First Dates

For starters, mini golf requires no prior knowledge or skill level — all that’s needed is your sense of humor! This makes it ideal for those who might feel nervous on their first date; it takes away any pressure they might feel when trying something more challenging like bowling or tennis. Plus, since most courses don’t require reservations in advance, you can show up whenever works best and spend as much time as you’d like playing — whether that’s one game or multiple rounds!

Another advantage of mini golf is that it gives the two of you plenty of time to get to know one another without being too overwhelming. After all, conversation flows naturally between turns — you can chat about your favorite shots while also getting comfortable with each other before taking things further later on. And if there’s ever an awkward silence during playtime? That’s okay too; simply keep playing until one of you finds something else to talk about!

Making Mini Golf Memorable

If you really want to make your mini-golf date stand out from the rest then consider adding some extra touches such as prizes for whoever wins each round (or whoever gets closest!). You could even add snacks into the mix by packing some light refreshments like sandwiches and cookies for afterwards. The possibilities are endless!


In conclusion: if you’re looking for an easy yet entertaining option for your next first date then give mini golf a try! Not only is it low-pressure and inexpensive but also provides enough opportunities for both parties involved get comfortable with each other in a relaxed environment – something traditional dates often lack. So grab your clubs and let the fun begin!