Is Field Hockey A Fall Sport? What You Need To Know Before Joining

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Field hockey is a beloved sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors. While it is an international game, field hockey’s popularity in the United States has been steadily growing in recent years. While many are familiar with the summer season as the time for field hockey, some may wonder if this sport is also played during the fall months.

Field Hockey as a Fall Sport

The answer to this question depends on where you live and which league you’re playing in. In colder climates like those in the northeastern United States, most competitive leagues play their games from August through November or December when weather permits. However, different regions have different rules, so check with your local league before deciding whether to participate.

On top of outdoor leagues, many schools offer indoor leagues that take place all year round, regardless of the temperature outside – making it possible to play field hockey every month of the year! These indoor facilities typically feature artificial turf fields and allow players to stay sharp even when conditions outside aren’t ideal for outdoor play.

At the collegiate level, field hockey teams compete from late August through early November, depending on their conference’s schedule and tournament format (such as NCAA Division I conferences). It’s important for college athletes who are interested in competing at this level to plan ahead since competition starts earlier than other sports due to its nature as an outdoor sport!


In conclusion, while many associate field hockey with summer months due to its prevalence among high school programs across America – this sport can also be enjoyed during fall too! Depending on where you live or what kind of team you join, opportunities could be available near you throughout late-summer/fall times of the year if not consistently all-year-round! Make sure to inquire about options within your community so everyone can play one of America’s favorite pastimes: Field Hockey!