How Wide Is A Pickleball Net? Everything You Need To Know Before Play

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Understanding Pickleball Nets and Their Widths

Pickleball has quickly become a popular sport all over the world. This game is played between two, three, or four players on a court divided by a net. But how wide is this net exactly? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think!

The size of standard pickleball nets depends on the level of play. Recreational nets are usually 20 feet in width while competitive nets measure 22 feet across the center. These sizes are regulated and enforced for any official matches or tournaments that are held around the world.

However, some people choose to construct their own courts at home which means they have more freedom when it comes to picking out their net size. While these custom-made courts still need to follow certain regulations such as height requirements, there’s no rule that says you can’t select your own personal preference for width if you’re playing with friends or family members who don’t mind accommodating it for fun games!

Measuring Net Width in Other Ways

In addition to measuring the width of pickleball nets from side-to-side, there’s also another way to check its dimensions: measuring tape lengthwise along poles holding up each end of the netting itself will give an accurate estimate of how wide your chosen court is set up—whether it’s regulation sized or not!

This method works best if you happen to be constructing your own court because then you can adjust accordingly until reaching an ideal size before finally securing everything down tightly with stakes and cable ties (or similar fastening devices). After doing so, it should be easy enough to tell just how wide your new pickleball setup actually is without having any doubts about whether it meets international regulations or not!


When looking into what kind of net width most professional pickleball matches use today, know that recreational levels stick with 20ft whereas competitive levels go up slightly higher at 22ft wide—but don’t hesitate experimenting with different measurements if building something custom at home since ultimately only individual preferences matter here (as long as safety remains top priority)!