How to Keep Soccer Cleats From Smelling: Tips and Tricks for Fresh Feet!

men playing soccer


Soccer cleats can get really smelly after a long day of playing. The sweat, dirt, and grime that accumulates on the cleats can start to stink and make your feet feel uncomfortable. But there’s no need to worry – with a few simple steps, you can keep soccer cleats from smelling and make sure they last longer too! Read on to find out how.

Cleaning Your Soccer Cleats

The first step in keeping your soccer cleats from smelling is cleaning them regularly. After each game or practice session, take some time to brush off any dirt or grass blades with an old toothbrush or rag. Once all the debris has been removed, wipe down the outside of the shoes with a damp cloth until clean. You should also remove any laces or insoles for extra thoroughness when cleaning your soccer cleats – these are areas where bacteria love to hide!

Deodorizing Your Soccer Cleats

To help prevent odors before they start forming in your soccer cleats, it’s important to use deodorizers every now and then. Sprays like Febreze are great for this; simply spray inside each shoe at least once per week (or more if needed). Alternatively, baking soda is another good option – just sprinkle it into each shoe before placing them in a dry sack overnight for maximum effectiveness.

Storing Your Soccer Cleats Properly

Finally, proper storage of your soccer cleat will help keep them from becoming smelly as well as extend their lifespan overall. Investing in breathable storage bags made specifically for sports equipment is best; these will allow air flow while still providing protection against dirt and moisture buildup that cause bad smells over time. Additionally, always store your shoes away from direct sunlight since UV rays accelerate wear-and-tear on leather materials quickly!

Keeping soccer cleat fresh doesn’t have be difficult process; by following these tips regularly you’ll be able maintain both their smell-free and lasting longevity! Cleaning after each usage session along using deodorizers such as Febreze sprays or baking soda coupled with storing properly will ensure freshness everytime you lace up those boots!