The Ultimate Guide To Mastering The Backhand In Pickleball

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What is a Pickleball Backhand?

Pickleball backhand is a type of shot used in the game of pickleball. It involves hitting the ball with the back of your hand and wrist, rather than using an open-palm or forehand shot. The purpose of this type of shot is to increase control over where you hit the ball, allowing for greater accuracy and precision when playing against opponents. This can be especially useful when returning shots that are directed towards one side of the court.

How To Master Your Pickleball Backhand

The key to mastering your pickleball backhand lies in developing proper technique and understanding how it works best within different scenarios on the court. Start by standing close to where you expect the ball to land, so that you have time to react quickly once it reaches its destination. Next, bring your non-hitting arm up around shoulder height and position your racket behind your body ready for contact with the ball when it arrives; this will create more power behind each stroke. When executing a pickleball backhand effectively it’s important not just to use only one arm but instead move both arms together as if they were connected by elastic – this will help propel further control through each return stroke whilst also providing better balance during play.

Tips For Improving Your Picklebll Backand

When practicing your pickleball backhand there are several tips you should keep in mind: firstly adjusting footwork correctly so that you remain balanced throughout each exchange; secondly developing strong wrist action which will help generate more spin on shots; thirdly learning how much force needs applying when striking balls at varying angles across court surfaces; fourthly maintaining focus on controlling direction as well as speed; finally keeping an eye out for any changes occurring within rallies such as increasing pace or location shifts which might require adjustments being made instantly between strokes if needed!


A successful pickleback hand relies heavily upon careful technique combined with practice and experience over time – making sure all elements align correctly before attempting each shot is essential in order achieve consistent results from exchanges during matches! With patience, dedication and determination anyone can become skilled enough at their craft so make sure take every opportunity available now perfecting yours today!