How To Determine Pickleball Paddle Grip Size: A Detailed Guide


Pickleball is an exciting, fast-paced game that’s becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. If you’re looking to join in on the fun, one of your first decisions will be choosing a paddle. Before deciding on a paddle, it’s important to focus on grip size – and here’s why.

Understanding Pickleball Paddle Grip Sizes

Grip size is essential when playing pickleball as it has an effect on the player’s ability to perform shots accurately and with power. Generally speaking, larger grips are better for those who have bigger hands or need more control over their shots; smaller grips work well for people with smaller hands or for those wanting faster reflexes and quicker reaction times.

When selecting which grip size works best for you, there are two main factors to consider: hand circumference – measured at the widest part of your palm – and glove/tape thickness; if you wear gloves while playing then be sure to factor this into your measurement as this will affect how much space is available in the handle of your paddle.

Choosing The Right Size

Once you know what measurements suit your needs best it’s time to choose a paddle! Most pickleball paddles come in three sizes: small (4 1/8 inch), medium (4 3/8 inch) and large (4 5/8 inch). As a general rule of thumb, if your hand measures 7 inches around or less than 4 1/8 inch is probably best suited; if it’s between 8-9 inches around then go with 4 3/8 inch; finally anything 10 inches or above should use 4 5/8″.

Paddles also come in ‘super-sized’ options such as 4 ¾” but these are designed specifically for tournament players who require extra leverage during play – so unless you’re competing professionally we’d recommend sticking within one of the three standard sizes mentioned above!


In conclusion, knowing which pickleball paddle grip size works best for you can make all the difference when playing this sport! With careful consideration given to both hand circumference plus any glove thickness being used by measuring first before buying will ensure that whatever choice made won’t only feel comfortable but provide maximum performance during games too.