How To Break In A Lacrosse Pocket: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners


A lacrosse pocket is an essential element of the game as it helps to control and direct the ball. However, a brand-new pocket can take some getting used to, so knowing how to break in your lacrosse pocket correctly is key for being able to perform effectively on the field. Read on to find out more about breaking in a lacrosse pocket and making sure you’re ready when it comes time for game day.

Steps To Breaking In Your Lacrosse Pocket

The type of pocket you use will determine what steps need to be taken for breaking it in properly. For instance, hard mesh pockets require stringing up with additional leather laces or with traditional waxed cotton strings whereas soft mesh pockets are usually strung without these extra pieces. Here are the general steps required regardless of your style:
1) Start by untwisting any loose strands from your current set-up – this will help loosen up the tension within your stick and make stringing easier going forward;
2) String up using waxed leather laces or traditional nylon strings (depending on which type of mesh you have);
3) Once strung, make sure all knots are tight so that they don’t slip during play;
4) Completely submerge the head into water (this could either be done manually or by placing it inside a bucket). This step helps soften up any new material quicker than usual;
5) Use a rubber mallet or similar tool and hit each sidewall several times until they become slightly flexible; 6) Repeat Steps 4 & 5 if needed until desired flexibility has been achieved; 7) Finally, shape and form into preferred style/type – whether that be a high/low/mid-pocket etc…


Breaking in your lacrosse pocket doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow these simple steps! Doing so ensures that once game day arrives, you’ll look like an experienced pro with perfect control over every pass and shot! Keep practicing those skills until perfection is reached – then go out there and dominate!