How to Be Good at Axe Throwing

Are you ready to unleash your inner lumberjack and take on the thrilling sport of axe throwing? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through tried-and-true techniques to help you level up your axe throwing skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast looking for some tips, read on and prepare yourself to become a master in this exciting activity.

The Basics of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing may seem intimidating at first, but with patience and practice, anyone can become proficient. Before diving into advanced techniques, let’s start with the basics:

1. Choose the Right Axe

Selecting the right axe is crucial. Opt for a well-balanced one that feels comfortable in your hand. It should have a sturdy handle made from hickory or another durable wood and a sharp blade suitable for sticking into targets.

2. Find a Suitable Venue

To ensure safety and maximize enjoyment, it’s vital to find an appropriate venue equipped with proper safety measures. Look for establishments that provide trained instructors, target lanes with ample space between them, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

3. Proper Stance and Grip

Establishing a solid foundation is key when it comes to executing accurate throws consistently:

– Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
– Hold the axe firmly using an overhand grip.
– Position your dominant hand near the end of the handle while placing your non-dominant hand above it.

Now that we’ve covered these fundamental aspects let’s explore some valuable techniques that will propel you towards becoming an expert axe thrower!

Aiming Techniques That Hit Bullseye Every Time!

1. The Four-step Approach:

To enhance your aim, follow these steps religiously:

– Stand square to the target with your dominant foot slightly forward.
– Extend both arms fully, aligning the axe with your dominant eye and the bullseye.
– Focus on a specific point or area of the target, allowing you to maintain consistency.
– Execute a controlled throw while maintaining concentration.

2. Perfecting Your Release

The release is critical for achieving accuracy. Keep these tips in mind:

– Maintain a firm grip throughout the throwing motion but loosen it just before releasing for optimum control.
– Use wrist flick as you release the axe to generate rotation that helps it stick into the target.

Nailing Those Trick Shots!

1. The Two-handed Overhead Throw

This trick shot adds flair and excitement to your repertoire. Here’s how to master it:

– Hold the axe by its handle using both hands above your head with arms extended fully.
– Aim at a higher point on the target than usual due to increased arc during flight.
– Unleash an energetic throw while keeping wrists locked for proper control.

2. The One-handed Spin Throw

Ready to impress everyone around? Try this one-handed spin throw technique:

– Grip the bottom end of an axe handle with only one hand near its blade’s base.
– Swing your arm outward while rotating it away from yourself before launching into a controlled spin motion towards targets.

Remember, mastering trick shots requires practice and caution! Always prioritize safety and gradually progress as you gain confidence in executing these advanced techniques.


By now, armed with comprehensive knowledge about basic fundamentals, aiming techniques, and even some flashy tricks, you’re well-equipped for becoming proficient in this exhilarating sport of axe throwing! Remember that practice makes perfect – put in regular training sessions at reputable venues, join leagues or competitions, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. So go forth with confidence and let your inner lumberjack flourish as you dominate the axe throwing arena!