The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Fit: How Tight Should Boxing Gloves Be?

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What is the Right Fit for Boxing Gloves?

When it comes to boxing, having the right equipment is essential. One of the most important gear you should have is your gloves. Unfortunately, many boxers struggle with finding a glove that fits them properly and provides them with adequate protection. This can be incredibly daunting for new boxers who may not know what size or type of glove they need. So how tight should boxing gloves be?

Choosing the Right Size

The first step in finding a pair of gloves that fit well starts with understanding your hand size. This is measured by wrapping a tape measure around your knuckles when making a fist and then measuring in inches from one side to another. Generally speaking, 12oz – 16oz gloves are best suited for someone who has smaller hands as they provide more dexterity and maneuverability than heavier ones do. On the other hand, if you have larger hands, then 18oz or 20oz would be better because these offer greater protection without sacrificing too much mobility or speed during training sessions or fights.

Getting That Perfect Fit

Once you’ve settled on a weight range for your ideal glove size, it’s time actually to put them on and see how they feel! Your goal should be to have some space between your fingers but not too much where there is no contact between skin and leather; this ensures maximum protection while still allowing movement inside the glove itself. To achieve this snug fit, try tightening each individual strap until it feels comfortable but secure – make sure none of them are over-tightened though, as this could lead to discomfort later on during use! Finally, once everything looks good, don’t forget about the proper break-in period, which will help shape these puppies just right so that you’re ready when fight day arrives!


Finding the perfect pair of boxing gloves can seem like an overwhelming task at first. Still, by following these steps, you’ll soon find yourself equipped with something that’s both protective and comfortable enough for any fight situation imaginable! Remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better when selecting sizes; lighter weights provide more dexterity. In contrast, heavier ones give added protection so choose wisely according to what works best for YOU specifically (and don’t forget about break-in time)! Good luck out there, champ!