The Essential Guide To Pickleball Nets: How High Should It Be?

closeup photo of tennis net

The Height of Pickleball Nets

When it comes to pickleball, the net is a crucial part of the game. Not only do you need it to play the game, but its size and height are also important factors in deciding who will win or lose. Knowing the correct dimensions for a pickleball net can help ensure that you and your opponents have an even playing field. So how tall is a pickleball net?

Standard Dimensions for Pickleball Nets

According to USA Pickleball Association standards, regulation-sized pickleball nets should measure 36 inches (91 centimeters) high at each end post and 34 inches (86 centimeters) high in the center. When set up outdoors on level ground with no hindrances or adjustments, this should make the overall height of a typical pickle ball net around 36 inches tall from ground level.

Adjustments for Sloped Courts

Of course, some courts may be sloped or unevenly leveled due to their terrain or location – requiring adjusters on either side of the court so that both sides remain at an equal height. In these cases, players must use adjustable poles as needed so that they can raise or lower either end post accordingly until they reach their desired uniform height across all parts of the court surface. The adjustment range is usually between 32-38 inches (81-96 cm).