The Pickleball Phenomenon: The Inspiring Story Behind Lucy Kovalova’s Age-Defying Success

aerial photography of two person playing tennis

Introducing Lucy Kovalova: Pickleball’s Prodigy

Lucy Kovalova is no ordinary pickleball phenom. She has taken the sport by storm and continues to wow audiences with her impressive skill set. But just how old is this prodigy? The answer may surprise you!

The Rise of Lucy Kovalova

At 14 years old, Lucy Kovalova burst onto the professional pickleball scene in 2020 with a bang. Her youth and enthusiasm for the game quickly caught the attention of seasoned players and spectators alike, who were taken aback by her incredible execution on court. Over time, she has become one of the most accomplished players in the world today – regardless of age.

Achievements Beyond Her Years

In a short span of time, Lucy has achieved feats that many veterans have not yet been able to accomplish. She was recently crowned as US Open Women’s Doubles Champion alongside partner Maranda Ates at only 15-years-old! This astounding accomplishment thrusts her into an elite class few have managed to reach before her; especially considering her relatively young age compared to other prominent athletes in sports today.


Pickleball fans everywhere can agree that there’s something special about watching Lucy play – be it awe or admiration for such an impressive feat at such a young age! For all those wondering how old this incredible player is: she’s currently 16 years old and still going strong as ever! We look forward to seeing what else she can accomplish as she continues down this amazing path.