How Much Does It Cost To Play Lacrosse? What You Need To Know Before You Start

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Understanding the Cost of Lacrosse

Playing lacrosse can be a great way to stay active and enjoy competition, but it can also come with an associated cost. It is important to understand what kind of expenses you might incur in order to play lacrosse so that you can budget accordingly. In this article, we will go over some of the costs associated with playing lacrosse and how you might go about reducing them.

Equipment Costs

The most obvious expense when it comes to playing lacrosse is equipment. A basic set-up for a beginner usually includes a stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads and cleats or turf shoes – all of which add up quickly! Additionally, depending on your level of play there could be other items such as goalkeeping gear or even extra protective padding required for certain positions that need to be taken into account when budgeting for lacrosse. Fortunately though, many organizations offer discounts on gear if purchased through them or have used equipment available for loan which may help reduce costs significantly.

Travel Expenses

Another expense associated with playing lacrosse is travel costs related to attending practice sessions and away games. Depending on where your team plays its home games each season this could amount to quite a bit if you are travelling long distances regularly throughout the year! If possible, carpooling with teammates or finding nearby accommodations during overnight road trips could help keep these costs down somewhat while still allowing everyone involved in the sport access their desired level of competition without breaking the bank too much in the process.

Membership & Registration Fees

In addition to equipment and travel expenses there are also membership fees associated with joining various leagues as well as registration fees at both local (youth) levels and national (collegiate/professional) ones too! These fees vary widely from one organization/team/league etc., so it’s best do research ahead of time before signing up and committing yourself financially too any particular group/programme etc.. Many clubs also offer scholarships or financial assistance programs specifically designed for those who may not otherwise have access due their economic circumstances – so make sure check out any potential options prior deciding which route take when getting involved in competitive lacrosse play!

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