How Many Quarters Are There in Soccer?

Three Women Playing Soccer Game

Understanding the Quarters of Soccer

In soccer, an organized game is divided into two halves, each lasting forty-five minutes. But what about quarters? Are there any in soccer? The answer to this question may surprise you.

What are Quarters in Soccer?

Quarters in soccer refer to a distinct twenty-minute period within each half of the game. After playing for twenty minutes, teams switch sides and start a new quarter on the other side of the field. This allows players to adjust their strategy depending on which direction they are attacking or defending from.

The Benefits of Playing by Quarters

Playing by quarters can be beneficial for both teams involved as it gives them time to rest during longer games while also allowing coaches more freedom when making substitutions or tactical changes during gameplay. It is also useful because it keeps players focused and energized throughout the entire match since they know that every twenty minutes, their team will get an opportunity to make adjustments based on how play has unfolded so far.


At first glance, it may not appear that there are quarters in soccer but these short periods can be incredibly important for both teams involved in a match. They provide players with much-needed breaks from continuous play while also giving coaches time to make any necessary adjustments – all without having to pause or stop the game entirely! With this knowledge, you’ll now have a better understanding of how quarters work within soccer matches and why they’re so important for creating a fair competition between two teams vying for victory!