How Many Points Is Pickleball Played To? All You Need To Know!

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Understanding the Pickleball Point System

Are you a fan of pickleball? If so, you may be wondering how many points is pickleball played to. The answer depends on the particular match being played and what type of scoring system is being used. In this article, we will delve into the different types of scoring systems used in pickleball and discuss how many points are typically played to in each one.

Types of Scoring Systems for Pickleball

The two most popular score systems for pickleball are traditional or “side-out” scoring and rally point scoring (also known as “power point”). With side-out scoring, teams must win by at least two points; if the game ends with a tie score after reaching 11 points, then a single sudden death point decides it. On the other hand, power point games can end with any score difference no matter which team has more points; however, when both sides have reached 11 each they will play an additional set until one side wins by at least 2 clear points.

How Many Points Are Played To?

In traditional side-out matches between two teams (called doubles), players usually play up to 15 or 21 total points, depending on tournament rules. For singles matches, it’s generally shorter—up to 11 total points—and for those playing ‘cutthroat’ style with three players, all going head-to-head at once it’s either 7 or 10 total points depending on whether they’re playing cutthroat doubles or triples respectively. As mentioned before powerpoint matches can end with any difference between scores, but when both sides reach 11 then an additional set must be won by 2 clearpoints before anyone can claim victory over their opponents!


Pickleball has gained popularity in North America due to its easy learning curve and competitive gameplay, which enables people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy playing together. As different tournaments may have different rules, it is essential to familiarize yourself with them before attending any events in your area. Understanding the scoring system is a crucial part of comprehending the game, so take some time today to learn more about this classic American sport!