How Many Points is a Goal Worth in Handball? A Comprehensive Breakdown

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How Many Points Is a Goal Worth in Handball?

Handball is an exciting and fast-paced sport that has been growing in popularity around the world. It’s fun to watch, but what about playing it? Knowing how many points each goal is worth will help you understand the game better. So, how many points does a goal count for in handball?

In handball, every time a team scores a goal they receive two points. This applies regardless of whether it was scored from inside or outside of the penalty area; two points are awarded for any successful shot at the goal. For example, if Team A scored four goals then Team A would have eight points altogether.

Does It Matter Where I Shoot From on Court?

Yes! The position you shoot from on court can affect your score in handball as well as your overall performance during the match. If you’re shooting from close range (up to 6 metres away) then there is a greater chance of success than if you were shooting from further away (over 9 metres). Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that all shots taken up close will be successful, so practice and skill are still important factors when it comes to scoring goals in handball!

Do Other Things Count Towards Your Score Too?

Yes! As well as goals being worth two points each, there are other ways to earn extra points during matches too. For instance – penalties are rewarded with one point per shot taken successfully; throw-ins can also result in an additional point depending upon where they land; these small ‘make ups’ add up over time and can make quite a difference between winning and losing teams!


Now that you know how many points each goal counts for during a game of handball – two – as well as some other things that contribute towards your score such as throw-ins and penalties earning one point apiece respectively; hopefully now you have more insight into this thrilling sport and its rules/scoring system!