The Ultimate Guide To How Long Golf Shoes Last & What You Can Do To Make Them Last Even Longer!

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Golf Shoes: How Long Do They Last?

In golf, the right pair of shoes can be the difference between a good game and an excellent one. But with so many kinds of shoes out there, it can be difficult to know which ones will last the longest. Knowing how long your golf shoes should last is key to getting the most out of every purchase you make.

Types Of Golf Shoes

There are two main types of golf shoes on the market today: traditional spiked leather or athletic-style spikeless designs. Traditional spiked leather shoes have been around for decades and provide superior traction on grass courses thanks to their metal spikes that grip into turf better than softer material like rubber or foam. On the other hand, spikeless designs offer more cushioning and comfort while still providing stability on fairways and greens without having to worry about tearing up greens like their spiked counterparts do.

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

How long a pair of golf shoes lasts depends largely upon its design and materials used in its construction as well as how often they’re worn on course conditions such as wetness, heat/cold temperatures, etc.. Generally speaking, you can expect a good quality pair of traditional spiked leather golf footwear to last anywhere from 1-3 seasons depending on wear habits – though some players may get even more use out of them if they take extra care in cleaning them after each round. Spikeless varieties tend to last slightly less time since they don’t have those extra metal spikes but instead feature smaller treads made from rubber or foam that wear down over time with normal use; however again depending upon usage these could also potentially reach 2+ season lifespans too!


When investing in a new pair of golf footwear it’s important to factor in not just fit & style but also durability & longevity too so that you’re making sure you get maximum value for your money spent! While individual results may vary based off personal usage habits overall most high-quality pairs should offer at least 1 season (if not 3+) worth of reliable performance before needing replacement – just make sure whatever kind you buy fits properly first & foremost!