How Long are Baseball Games?

a baseball field with a white line on it

In 2022, the average Major League Baseball game time was three hours and three minutes, which is 22% longer than in 2000. The slower pace of play is due to several factors, such as sabermetrics, injuries, and other game interruptions. However, Major League Baseball is taking steps to speed up the game, including implementing a pitch clock and a new extra-inning rule.

The league is experimenting with these changes in the minor leagues, where games now take around two hours and thirty-nine minutes to complete. College baseball games take about three hours, while high school games last for about two hours since they only play seven innings. The longest professional baseball game took over eight hours to complete, while the longest Minor League Baseball game lasted for eight hours and twenty-five minutes.

To reduce game time, Major League Baseball is also looking into new ways to speed up games. For instance, they’re considering a new extra-inning rule that would automatically place a ghost runner on second base. Additionally, the league implemented the automatic walk signal, which saves four pitches when pitchers intentionally walk batters.

Overall, while the average length of a Major League Baseball game is currently over three hours, the league is trying to reduce game times and improve the pace of play through various rule changes and experiments in the minors.