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Exploring Pickleball Nets: How High Should They Be?

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport, especially among the retired population. It’s a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong — played on a court with a net in the middle. But how high should this net be? Knowing what height is standard for pickleball nets can help you make sure your next game is regulation-friendly.

Net Height Regulation: The Official Rules

The official rules state that the center of the Pickleball net’s top should measure 36 inches from the ground when set up correctly and firmly secured to two posts at either end of the court. In addition to this height requirement, all non-volley zones must be clearly marked with lines or cones so it’s easier for players to distinguish between areas where volleys are allowed and those where they are not allowed (i.e., within 7 feet of basketball).

Optimizing Court Size and Net Heights

If you’re creating a custom pickleball court from scratch — such as when setting up one in your backyard or at your local park — then it’s important to pay attention to both measurements: The size of your court will dictate how far apart you’ll need to place your posts while accounting for proper net heights in accordance with regulations. Generally speaking, larger courts allow more room for players who may have difficulty maneuvering around tight spaces; however, if space permits smaller courts can still work depending on player skill levels. For example, junior divisions may require different sized courts than adult leagues do in order to account for age differences between competitors.


When it comes down to properly setting up a pickleball court with regulation-friendly heights, understanding both measurements (court size as well as net height) is essential no matter what type of game you plan on playing or who might join in on all the fun! Keep these tips handy so everyone involved can enjoy every match knowing their safety has been taken into consideration during preparation time!