Understanding Handicaps: How Does Bowling Handicap Work?

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Bowling is an incredibly popular sport, enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts around the world. It’s a game that can be played competitively or just for fun between friends and family. But how does one ensure a fair playing field in this highly competitive environment? Handicaps! If you’re looking to learn more about what handicap bowling is and how it works, keep on reading!

What is Bowling Handicap?

At its most basic level, a handicap in bowling refers to the concept of “leveling the playing field” – giving bowlers with different skill levels an equal chance at success within their respective leagues. A handicapping system assigns additional pins to weaker players based on past performance as a way of evening out competition within each division. This ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to win regardless of their individual skill levels.

How Does Bowling Handicap Work?

For each league, there will likely be some predetermined average score which all competitors must achieve before they are eligible for any awards or prizes at the end of the season. The way this works is that higher-performing bowlers are given fewer pins than regular averages while lower-performing bowlers get extra pins added onto their final scores (based on their own individual averages). By doing so, these scores become closer together and create an overall fairer playing field between all participants involved in the said competition; this also encourages improvement among those who may not have been as successful initially but still want to take part in such activities regardless.


Understanding how bowling handicaps work will help ensure a fair playing ground for everybody involved – no matter what your current skill level may be! So if you’re interested in taking part in local competitions or even just having some friendly matches with your friends then make sure you brush up on your knowledge about handicapping systems first! That way everyone can enjoy themselves without any worries about unfair advantages being taken advantage off during playtime.