The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Score In Pickleball Doubles

A Pickleball Court



Pickleball is a popular game that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It’s an exciting way to get active and have some fun with friends or family. But how do you keep score when playing pickleball doubles? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out more about scoring in pickleball doubles.

Scoring Basics

In pickleball doubles, the same point system applies as for singles: each team must reach 11 points before winning the match. However, teams can also win by having a two-point advantage over the opposing team (e.g., if one team has reached 10 points while the other team has only 8). The first side that reaches 11 points wins unless both sides have 10 points; then they play until one side gains a two-point advantage (13–11 or 14–12).

When serving, players must alternate between hitting it back and forth within their own court before switching off to hit it into their opponents’ court. When serving from either side of the net, each player serves twice consecutively before switching off with their teammate (i.e., Player A serves first followed by Player B who will serve second; then Player C serves third followed by Player D who served fourth). This means that every time a player serves they are responsible for earning 2 potential points instead of just 1 like in singles play!

Changes To Scoring Rules In Pickleball Doubles

Unlike singles play where server changes after every point earned due to alternating service boxes/sides of net/teams based on which player won previous point—in Picklebox doubles this does not apply! The same server continues until he/she misses or scores two consecutive times during his/her turn at bat thus resulting in switch off from his partner who will now take over as new server for next round(s) until either partner messes up again OR both servers earn 2 consecutive successful shots resulting in changeover once again! This rule also applies when there is tie scored between opposite teams at any given time i.e., tiebreaker situation-so same server continues till end even if multiple ties occur throughout entire match!


Now that you know all about scoring rules in pickleball doubles, why not try your hand at this exciting sport? Whether you’re playing against your family members or challenging friends to friendly matches, there’s no better way to spend quality time together than honing your skills and having fun outdoors with some competitive games like pickleball!