Has There Ever Been A Tie In NASCAR? Here’s What You Need To Know

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A Look Back at Ties in NASCAR

It’s no secret that NASCAR is one of the most electrifying and intense forms of racing out there. With high-speed cars, tight turns, and thrilling finishes, it’s not surprising that fans are always on the edge of their seats when watching a race. But has there ever been an instance where two drivers tied for first place? The answer might surprise you.

In recent years, ties have become increasingly rare in NASCAR due to the way points are awarded for each position based on a set number of laps completed by each driver. However, this hasn’t always been the case—there have been several instances throughout its history where two drivers were declared joint winners after crossing the finish line at exactly the same time.

The Daytona 500 Tie That Never Was

One famous example is from 1967 when Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough crossed the finish line side-by-side during what was then known as “The Great American Race” –the Daytona 500. Despite being neck-and-neck until they reached their final lap, officials decided to declare them both winners instead of holding a tiebreaker event since neither driver had pulled ahead in those last few seconds before crossing the finish line. As such, both men got credit for having won that year’s race–a decision which stands even today!

Other Notable Ties In Nascar History

In addition to Allison/Yarborough’s tie during The Great American Race, there have also been other memorable ties throughout NASCAR history: Dale Earnhardt Sr./Kyle Petty tying at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1991; Greg Biffle/Ryan Newman tying at Michigan International Speedway in 2003; Matt Kenseth/Kurt Busch tying at Bristol Motor Speedway just last year (2020); and many more! While these events may not be as exciting as some traditional races with clear cut victors crowned after three hours or so worth of driving around a track–they certainly make up for it by providing us with unforgettable moments that will surely go down in racing lore forever!

To conclude, while ties aren’t common within current day NASCAR competitions–it has happened several times throughout its storied history over past decades! From Bobby Allison/Cale Yarborough’s tie during The Great American Race all those years ago to Matt Kenseth/Kurt Busch’s recent one just last year–these iconic races serve as reminders that sometimes things don’t always turn out how we expect them too–but often times these unexpected moments can still manage to be incredibly special nonetheless!