Do Rugby Players Actually Get Caps? Here’s What We Found Out…

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What is a Rugby Cap, and How Does it Work?

Rugby caps are a special form of recognition in the sport, with each player who earns one being honored for their skill level. But what exactly is a rugby cap, and how does it work?

A rugby cap is an award players receive after playing at least five matches for their country or club. The number of caps awarded to each player varies depending on the team or country they play for, but the higher-level teams typically give out more than lower-level teams. The awards are usually presented during pre-game ceremonies and may take on different forms, such as badges, medals, or patches worn on shirts. Caps can also be presented to those who have achieved exceptional feats within the game, such as scoring hat tricks, winning tournaments, or setting records.

The awarding of caps has been around since 1839, when William Gilbert awarded them to his Cambridge University teammates after they beat Oxford in a match at Twickenham Stadium. Since then, many other countries have adopted similar traditions, some even going so far as to assign numbers alongside names on jerseys worn by players whose achievements warrant extra recognition.

In modern times, professional clubs often use this system to reward loyal supporters by giving out special edition merchandise like replica jerseys that feature names and numbers printed onto them – these too count towards earning a cap! Additionally, there are now online platforms where fans can purchase caps from various clubs worldwide, making it easier than ever for people interested in collecting memorabilia related to their favorite teams and players.

Do Rugby Players Actually Get Caps?

Yes! In fact, most professional rugby players have earned multiple caps throughout their careers due to their level of skill and dedication showed both on and off field during games – some even reaching up into double figures if they’ve represented several countries internationally! Even amateur players get rewarded with one when they reach five appearances in either international or club fixtures;. However, this isn’t always recognized by major governing bodies like World Rugby unless specifically requested by the respective team/club involved (or perhaps sponsored).


Caps are an important part of recognizing achievement within rugby regardless of whether you’re playing professionally or just starting out – showing that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed no matter how big your name might be! With multiple ways now available for fans wanting to show support through purchasing unique memorabilia associated with legendary stars past and present; it looks like these awards won’t become obsolete anytime soon!