The Surprising Answer: Do Golf Carts Have Seat Belts?

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The Basics of Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf carts are often considered a safe form of transportation, but many people don’t realize that they can actually be dangerous. While golf carts typically travel at slow speeds and are used on short trips, the lack of safety features such as seat belts can make them more hazardous than other forms of transport. So do golf carts have seat belts?

The answer is yes – some golf cart manufacturers have started to include seat belts in their vehicles for added safety. Most modern models come equipped with either a lap belt or three-point harness so that the driver and passengers can be properly secured while riding in the vehicle. Many older models will not have any type of seatbelt installed, so if you own an older model it may be worth investing in one for added protection.

Why Should You Wear A Seat Belt In Your Golf Cart?

Wearing a seat belt when operating or riding in a golf cart is important for several reasons: first and foremost, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of serious injury during an accident by keeping occupants secure within their seats. If your golf cart rolls over or collides with another vehicle, having your body restrained will help prevent you from being thrown out into the path of danger – something that could easily result in fatal injuries without proper restraint. Additionally, wearing your seat belt while driving helps reduce distractions since you won’t need to constantly adjust yourself within your seating position throughout turns or bumps in terrain; this ensures that you remain focused on driving safely at all times instead.


When it comes to staying safe on the road (or fairways), it’s always best practice to wear a properly fitted and securely fastened seatbelt whenever possible – this holds true especially when traveling by golf cart! Modern models come with either lap belts or three-point harnesses built-in for extra security; however if you own an older model without these features then investing in aftermarket restraints may be necessary for optimal safety during operation or travel aboard these vehicles.