Can You Wear Tennis Skirts for Golf? Here’s What the Pros Say

Person in Black Shirt Holding Tennis Racket

Can You Wear Tennis Skirts For Golf?

No matter if you’re a professional golfer or just beginning your golf journey, looking good on the course is important. But what kind of clothing should you wear while playing golf? Can you wear tennis skirts for golf?

Golf Clothing Basics

Golf attire has traditionally been focused on keeping players comfortable in warm temperatures and allowing them to move freely as they swing their club. While shorts and slacks are generally considered acceptable pieces of clothing for both men and women, it can be difficult to find something that looks stylish yet still allows for enough flexibility to play comfortably. Tennis skirts have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative option for female golfers who want a fashionable look with plenty of range of motion.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Tennis Skirt On The Course

Tennis skirts are designed specifically for athletic activities like tennis, so they offer many advantages when it comes to playing golf. They provide coverage without being too restrictive, making them perfect for days where the temperature is hot but not oppressive. Another great benefit is that they come in a variety of styles and colors so you can pick one that fits your personal style perfectly! Additionally, because most tennis skirts feature built-in compression shorts underneath, they provide extra support which helps improve performance during long rounds of 18 holes or more!


Ultimately, whether or not one decides to wear a tennis skirt while playing golf depends largely on personal preference – some may prefer traditional shorts or trousers over this style of dress. However, if someone is looking for an outfit with great mobility coupled with modern fashion appeal then a tennis skirt might be the way to go!