Can You Play Handball With A Tennis Ball? The Surprising Answer Revealed!

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Can You Play Handball with a Tennis Ball?

Playing handball is a fast-paced and entertaining sport. It is an Olympic sport that has been around since the early 1900s, and it continues to be popular today. But can you play handball with any other kind of ball? Specifically, can you use a tennis ball instead of the official handball?

Handballs are designed for optimal play in a handball match. They have specific sizes and weights that make them perfect for playing on court or field surfaces. Tennis balls, on the other hand, are much lighter than official handballs and their size does not conform to the specifications set by governing bodies such as World Handball Federation (WHF). This means that if you were to try to use a tennis ball when playing competitively, it would not be allowed.

However, this doesn’t mean that using a tennis ball isn’t possible in some capacity. If you’re simply looking for some casual fun then there’s no harm in trying out different kinds of balls – including tennis balls – as long as all players agree beforehand! Since they have less weight than traditional handbells, they could provide more bounce and excitement when passing or shooting during game-play. Additionally, since most children won’t possess an official-sized handball, substituting one with something like a tennis ball can still result in plenty of enjoyment!


In conclusion, although it may not be suitable for professional competition due to its smaller size and lighter weight compared to regulation handballs, it is certainly possible to enjoy a sport such as handball with a tennis ball for recreational purposes! So if you’re looking for a bit of fun, then why not give it a try!