Can You Bring Your Own Putter To Mini Golf? A Definitive Guide

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Can You Bring Your Own Putter to Mini Golf?

Mini golf is a classic pastime that’s been enjoyed by people of all ages for many years. Whether you’re playing with friends, family or even alone, it’s an enjoyable way to spend some time outdoors and have some fun. But when it comes to equipment, can you bring your own putter to mini golf?

What Equipment Can You Bring?

When it comes down to the basics of mini golfing, most courses provide you with clubs and balls but they don’t always offer putters as part of their set-up. If this is the case then bringing your own could be beneficial if you feel more comfortable using one that you know well. Depending on the course rules, some may allow players to use their own personal putters while others may not permit this due to safety regulations or liability concerns. So before deciding whether or not it’s worth bringing along your own club check with the course staff first – just in case!

Benefits of Bringing Your Own Putter

If allowed at a particular mini-golf course there are several advantages associated with taking your own putter: Firstly, as previously mentioned comfort; having familiarity with a certain style and weight will give better control over shots leading to less missed opportunities on greens. Secondly price; renting out equipment at courses can be expensive so investing in one good quality putter initially could save money in the long run overall costs especially if played regularly throughout summer months. Finally portability; easily fitting into luggage or bags makes putting away after play much easier than lugging around multiple clubs from place-to-place which would quickly become tiresome!


Overall while mini golf courses often provide basic tools needed for gameplay such as balls and clubs they do not always include a supply of putters meaning that players must rely on rental options available (which can prove costly). Yet depending on specific rules at certain locations individuals might be able opt for bringing their own – providing benefits such as additional comfort levels via familiarity plus potential cost savings through initial investment rather than continual charges each session!