Can Playing In Cold Weather Damage Your Golf Clubs? What You Need To Know

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Golfing in cold weather can be a lot of fun. It’s peaceful, the views are usually beautiful, and it gives you an excuse to break out your winter golf gear. But if you’re not careful, playing in cold weather can actually damage your clubs – something that could put a serious damper on your game. In this post we’ll explore what kind of damage cold weather can do to golf clubs and how best to protect them when playing in the chillier months.

What Damage Can Cold Weather Do?

The main issue with playing in colder temperatures is that metal clubs become more brittle as they get colder. This means they’re more likely to break or chip when hit with too much force, which is particularly common during bitter winter days where swings tend to be harder than normal due to lack of warm-up time (hello frozen fingers!) Furthermore, any moisture from snow or rain will further weaken the club heads over time leading even more wear and tear on the club head itself – so make sure those grips are extra tight!

How To Protect Your Clubs From The Cold

If possible try not too play with wet clubs as much as possible – especially if it’s really cold outside! Make sure all excess moisture is wiped off after each shot before putting back into the bag for storage; allowing water droplets stay on the surface for prolonged periods can cause rust and corrosion which will undoubtedly ruin your beloved sticks over time. Additionally, investing in a covers specifically designed for cold weather protection will go along way towards preserving their longevity since they’re made out of insulating materials that prevent temperature changes from affecting them while also providing waterproofing benefits against any unexpected showers during rounds outdoors.


Playing golf during wintertime can be great fun but unfortunately comes with some risks such as damaging our precious equipment due to extreme temperatures combined with moisture levels found outdoors at this period of year. Thankfully there are plenty measures we can take such as investing in protective covers for our bags & keeping an eye open for any signs of rust & corrosion after each round played (especially if conditions were wet). Following these steps should ensure our most prized possessions remain safe & sound throughout all seasons