Can Field Hockey Games End In a Tie? Answering All Your Questions

woman holding hockey stick on field


When it comes to sports, there is nothing quite like the intensity of a tied game. As the seconds tick away with both teams locked in a draw, fans are left on the edge of their seats. But can field hockey games end in a tie or must one team win by some margin? Let’s take a look into this question and see what we can find out!

How Does Field Hockey Work?

Field hockey is an exciting sport that involves two teams competing against each other. Each team has eleven players who use sticks to control, dribble and pass the ball around on their way to scoring goals for their side. Games last for 70 minutes and consist of four quarters, each lasting 15-17 minutes long depending on which ruleset is applied. To score points during play, goals have to be scored from within designated shooting circles at either end of the pitch. The aim, of course, is to have more goals than your opponents at full-time!

Can Field Hockey Games End In A Tie?

The simple answer here is yes – field hockey games can definitely end in ties if neither side manages to outscore its opposition before full-time arrives. However, certain rulesets may incentivize winning by having extra periods or penalty shootouts should the scores remain level after regulation time (70 minutes). This means that even if no further scorelines change over these extra periods/shootouts then a winner still needs to be determined due to competition regulations – thus avoiding any kind of stalemate situation occurring in official matches where there would otherwise be no clear victor from normal play alone!


So when it comes down it; yes field hockey games can indeed end in ties but this depends on which ruleset is applied as certain competitions may require additional measures such as overtime or penalty shootouts before declaring an overall winner! Ultimately though; whether or not you witness an exciting draw come full-time will depend entirely upon how well both teams perform throughout the regulation play itself, so make sure you get yourself down to your local club or stadium soon enough if you want to experience all those tense moments firsthand!!