Are There Faults In Pickleball? Here’s The Lowdown On Rules & Regulations

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What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a popular sport that combines elements of tennis and badminton. It can be played by two, three or four players with a small plastic ball, paddles and a net. The game has become increasingly popular in recent years because it’s easy to learn but still offers plenty of challenge for more advanced players.

Are There Faults in Pickleball?

When playing pickleball, there are several faults which can occur. Firstly, if the ball is served over the net and lands outside the designated court area then this counted as an out-of-bounds fault. Secondly, if the player fails to hit their shot within 7 seconds after receiving it then this counts as a time fault. Thirdly, double hits or volleys are not allowed during play and these also count as faults when they occur. Finally, any contact between the paddle and body parts other than hands results in a fault too!

Avoiding Faults

Faults can be avoided by ensuring that all players adhere to basic rules such as keeping their shots within bounds or serving correctly from behind the baseline before starting play each round. Players should also familiarise themselves with specific rules governing how long they have to respond when returning shots so that they don’t incur time faults either! Additionally having good control over your paddle technique will help you avoid unintentional double hits or volleys too – both of which result in instant points for your opponent should you make them!


While there are certain faults which may occur during pickleball games such as out-of bounds shots or double hits; these can easily be avoided through adherence to basic rules like boundaries on serves and strokes along with taking due care not to commit time violations either! Allowing everybody involved to have fun while playing without worrying about making mistakes is key – so why not grab some friends today and give it go yourself?!