Are Diapers a Necessity for NASCAR Drivers?

A Red Formula 1 Car in a Racetrack

NASCAR races are known for their length, with some events lasting over four hours. As fans take breaks to use the bathroom, many wonder if their favorite drivers have to do the same. The topic of NASCAR drivers wearing diapers has become a common discussion. However, the answer is more straightforward than you may think. Few race car drivers have to pee during a race because they sweat so much. If they do, they rarely resort to wearing a diaper to catch it.

So, how long does a typical NASCAR race last, and do drivers have to pee during a race? Do diaper companies sponsor NASAR drivers? Here is a complete breakdown of whether NASCAR drivers wear diapers during races.

How Long Does a NASCAR Race Last?

Most NASCAR races take about two-and-a-half hours to complete, but some longer races, such as the Daytona 500, can take over four hours. That doesn’t include time spent under caution or waiting for weather conditions to improve. Since drivers can spend hours in the car without breaks, it’s easy to wonder how they manage to pee during a race.

Do NASCAR Drivers Have to Pee During a Race?

NASCAR drivers rarely have to pee during a race because they spend a lot of time planning their hydration strategy before and during the race. They often work with trainers ahead of the weekend to determine how much water they need to drink to stay hydrated but avoid having to use the bathroom. To stay hydrated, drivers have water in the car and take salt tablets to ensure they have the right electrolyte balance.

Drivers also sweat profusely during a race. There is no air conditioning in a NASCAR car, but they receive some fresh air through the open windows. It can be up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit hotter inside a racecar than outside, which means drivers are subject to high temperatures.

Additionally, a driver’s fire retardant race suit isn’t breathable, causing them to lose a lot of water through sweat. Drivers lose so much moisture through sweat that they are often weighed before and after an event to determine how much water they need to replenish their body. All of these factors make it unlikely drivers will need to use the bathroom during a race because they are dehydrated.

Why Are There Rumors About NASCAR Drivers Wearing Diapers?

If NASCAR drivers rarely need to use the bathroom during a race, why are there rumors about drivers wearing diapers? The answer is that some drivers have admitted to urinating during a race, which has led fans to develop theories about how they manage to do so.

When NASCAR drivers pee, they often do it in their fire suit. Since the suits are already saturated with sweat due to the hot conditions, additional fluid from urine likely goes unnoticed.

Which Famous Drivers Have Worn Diapers During a NASCAR Race?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most famous NASCAR drivers to admit to urinating in his car during a race. He didn’t give details, leaving fans to wonder if drivers wear adult diapers or use a catheter to redirect urine elsewhere in the car.

Other drivers, such as Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, have also spoken about urinating during a race. Keselowski admitted to doing so a few times during his career, while Logano has reportedly never used the bathroom during a race.

Do Diaper Companies Sponsor NASCAR Drivers?

A few sponsors have decided to capitalize on the rumor of NASCAR drivers using adult diapers. Depends and Bordeaux Butt Paste have been two of the top bathroom-related companies to extend sponsorships to NASCAR drivers.

Depends, an adult diaper company, is perhaps the most well-known bathroom-related sponsor. The company sponsored Juan Pablo Montoya in partnership with his primary sponsor, Target. The campaign was relatively lighthearted, though.

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